Smoked Pork Buttons

Smoked Pork Buttons
Smoked Pork Buttons

Hello All, obviously smoking day has come and gone , First of all I loaded my pit smoker with some nice sugar maple lump charcoal,topped off with a few small pieces of green Oak and let’em smoke for about 8 hours. so how did the buttons turn out you ask ? Well i found them a bit salty ,but the boys seem to enjoy them!(as referenced by the photo above ,this was all they left me to photograph out of 2 Kg) I’ve used this exact brine before on tenderloins which turned out quite nice . I’m guessing the thinner cut buttons don’t need as much cure as tenderloins ,so i made a note for the next batch- 200 gm of cure , 2L of water and one cup of sugar(your choice white, brown, or even honey). Don’t be afraid to experiment a bit nobody knows better than you, what you like !

Till Next Time , Good Smoking,


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