Internal Meat Temps ?

Hello again ,thanks Rob for my first question, “How do you get an internal meat temp to 203* in a pork butt if you only cook at 150* in smoker or are you only infusing smoke at this temp? ” ok, this question made me realize I had made a  glaring omission in that regards. When I’m smoking at 150*F  its always cured meat and for at least 6-8 hours, according to USDA the min safe internal temp is 145*F . For uncured meat you do need to reach higher internal temps if you want to serve it right off the grill. As to the question, if the meat is uncured ,then yes I would only be infusing smoke at this temp and would need to increase the heat in the last hour or two until the desired internal temp is reached.

Cures? How do I cure? There is two ways to cure meat ,Brine and rubs. If your just starting out and wanting to experiment with cures to make your own jerky or hams, tune in tomorrow and I will discuss and show you how easy it is to make your own Easter ham.  Till Tomorrow,

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