Hot Smoke , Cold Smoke , What’s the Difference ?

Cold smoking occurs at a temperatures ranging from 20*- 30*c (68-86*f) . Meats that are cold smoked are NOT cooked and should be cured before smoking . cold smoking is most often done to give your meat some flavour ,then stored to be cooked another day. Hot smoke occurs at temps of 52 -80*C (126-185*F) Hot smoking is the most common type of smoking done today by just about everybody . If you’ve ever fired up a charcoal barbeque or added smoking chips to a propane barbeque then your a smoker. Congrats and welcome to a wonderfully delicious world . I like to keep my temperature at 150*F (that’s the way I was taught). My motto for cooking meat has always been “Low and Slow”


IMG_0060   as seen here on the pellet smokers temperature gauge . I’ll be discussing types of smokers another day. lets get back to Hot Smoke ,the reason hot smoking is most often done is that most people like to eat what they’ve smoked right away. You are basically cooking with smoke ! These days it is very easy to find smoking pellets ,electric smoker pucks ,smoking chips in every flavour you can imagine. I’ve tried quite a few, but always come back to Oak. Around here its the flavour favourite when we smoke Jerky, Hams, Bacon, or Burgers.  If you have a question or an idea for the blog,  Please shoot me an email.

Until Tomorrow, Good Smoking !


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